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So, just click the Follow button so I can send you short messages every now and then about what is going on at NewMetalworker.com!
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I Got the Twitter!

Posted - 9-18-2011

You will notice a Twitter “follow” button in the upper left corner of every page on NewMetalworker.com and NewWoodworker.com. I decided to get my sites on Twitter as an easy, quick way to get information to our viewers.

My uses for Twitter are simple. I wanted a way to send out very short notices about what just came in the shop for review, what new How-To material has been posted, announce new reviews and even announce what new tools have been added to the Used Tools pages.

Rest assured that my Twitter followers will not be given, sold nor rented to anyone even if I can actually do that. This effort is only for getting “What’s New” info to you quickly and easily. Plus, you are in total control of continuing as a Follower or not. So go up to the upper left corner and “Follow” my sites on Twitter. I will do the rest.

Tom Hintz, publisher
NewWoodworker.com LLC

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