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About NewMetalworker.com

Tom Hintz, owner/publisher

NewMetalworker.com is a division of and wholly owned by NewWoodworker.com LLC. If you are familiar with NewWoodworker.com Tool Review format the Tool Reviews on NewMetalworker.com will be very familiar. This format has been proven to be very effective over the last 10 years and I see no reason to mess with it!

NewMetalworker.com is intended to provide real-world information in the form of Tool Reviews and How-to articles that relate directly to metalworking. My target audience is broad from a pure beginner to more experienced metalworkers who want to expand their skills and capabilities. As NewMetalworker.com grows the focus of the material will expand along with the interests and skills of the viewership. The viewers were always a major force in guiding the growth of NewWoodworker.com and I firmly believe that will happen with NewMetalworker.com as well.

I also intend to maintain the positive attitude in the Tool Reviews section. I have never received an email asking for reviews of tools thought to be inferior. It has been my experience that with remarkably few exceptions people want the best tools and equipment that they can get for their dollars and I see no reason to disregard that mind set when developing material for NewMetalworker.com.

The same user-driven concept will govern the How-To articles I develop for NewMetalworker.com as well. The immediate need is to assist the beginners but as we go, the range of material will expand to cover more skill levels and a wider range of interests within metalworking. Here again, the successful model provided by NewWoodworker.com makes this growth plan a no-brainer.

The spare bedroom was immediately converted to 100% office space (left) for producing both NewWoodworker.com and NewMetalworker.com and all of the graphics, photos and video they require.
I do everything for this site in my garage-based shop. (right) That has been important from the beginning because it exposes everything I do to the same space constraints many of you work under.
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Just in case you are wondering, before I became so involved in woodworking I spent the majority of my life around short track race cars so metal is not a new material for me. I have long been interested in working with metal and this gives me a great opportunity to explore that interest further.

As always, I remain very interested in your opinion and ideas. Please feel free to make use of my Contact Us page. I read every email that comes in because I find many good ideas in them. I look forward to your comments today and in the coming years.

Best regards,
Tom Hintz, owner/publisher




All NewMetalworker.com drawn,written, photographic and video materials are property of and copyright by NewMetalworker.com and NewWoodworker.com LLC 2001-2019. Materials may not be used in any way without prior written permission from the owner.
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