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The NewMetalworker.com Tool Review Process

Like NewWoodworker.com, the Tool Review procedure for NewMetalworker.com is simple and fair. This concept has been extremely popular on NewWoodworker.com and I see no reason it will not enjoy that nearly universal acceptance on NewMetalworker.com as well.

I am careful to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly and setup. I also check any alignments that are required very closely. Any tools or supplies that are used in the evaluation are also checked to be they are in good operating order so they do not influence a Tool Review negatively.

Size, capacity, cost and design intent are all considered so that I do not hold a $200 machine to the same standards expected of a $2000 model. Each machine is evaluated on its own merits and in the rare instances when I do compare one machine to another I make sure they are on a level playing field.

To evaluate a tool I use it in a simple shop, performing tasks that are in accordance with the design intent and would be expected by the average buyer. I see no point in trying to force a small tool to do a big tool’s work. We need to be realistic in our expectations of a tool according to its design and price point. This same realism needs to be in force during Tool Reviews as well.

If you have questions of concerns about the NewMetalworker.com Tool Review process, feel free to contact me! If you have something you think should be reviewed on NewMetalworker.com, let me know about that as well!

Tom Hintz, owner/publisher
NewWoodworker.com LLC


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