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Milwaukee is known more for their electric tools but another category appears to be in progress.
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Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Yes THAT Milwaukee and YES the tough is in these also

Text, photos and video by Tom Hintz

Posted – 10-23-2011

I always look forward to new electric power tools from Milwaukee but news about new Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Diagonal Cutting Pliers caught me off guard. Hand tools from one of the big boys on the power tool market may be out of the ordinary but in a way it makes sense? Milwaukee understands tough as well as anybody I am aware of so Milwaukee tough hand tools shouldn’t be all that surprising. The Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Diagonal Cutting Pliers are forged from top grade steel, heat treated and given a special treatment to fight rust and corrosion. As you might expect the machining is first rate and the design is typical of Milwaukee in that the Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Diagonal Cutting Pliers are easy to use and have several uses. In fact they have enough uses that I have not been able to find their equal in the marketplace in that regard.

Multiple Personalities

The cutting jaws (left) are tough and durable to handle many cutting tasks you might not try with everyday cutters. the handles (right) are nicely formed and comfortable. They also provide surprising leverage to make cutting tasks easier than expected.
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The Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Diagonal Cutting Pliers are primarily diagonal wire cutters and do that job very well. The cutting edges have been induction hardened to handle cutting wire as well as small bolts, nails and screws. Those cutting chores are made easier by the high leverage design of the jaws and handles.

The cutting head is angled at 15 degrees which can make using the Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Diagonal Cutting Pliers in some positions a little easier. However that angle also provides a fulcrum and leverage for pulling nails and staples.

The tapered outside edges of the Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Diagonal Cutting Pliers jaws are serrated so they can be used to ream sharp internal edges on freshly cut conduit and copper pipe from ½” to 1-1/2” in diameter. Just below the pivot point are a pair of holes sized for cutting #6 and #8 bolts we find around general electrical work.

Even the handles have been developed for comfort and control. The rubber coating is shaped to fit and cushion the hand during operation. The rubber coating is also slip resistant, a feature that is always welcome on the job.

The Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Diagonal Cutting Pliers are offered in 6”, 7” and 8” lengths. The 6” model (#48-22-4106) has a jaw length of 7/8”, a jaw capacity of 1 ¼” and can ream pipe up to 1 ½”-diameter. The 7” model (#48-22-4107) has a jaw length of 1”, a jaw capacity of 1-3/8” and reams pipe up to 1-½” diameter. The 8” model (#48-22-4108) has a 1-1/8” jaw length, a jaw capacity of 1-5/8” and also reams pipe up to 1-½” in diameter. I know that sounds like a small grouping of sizes but it really does cover a wide range of work situations. Factor in the multiple capabilities each Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Diagonal Cutting Pliers embodies and you can probably leave a few other tools in the toolbox. Carrying less and getting more done is worth real money to any contractor and is just plain useful for the DIY crowd.

In the Shop

I thrashed these two pair of Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Diagonal Cutting Pliers (left) throughout the evaluation and aside from some shop grime, they continue to function like day one. The angled head (right) makes pulling broken nails easy, or just pulling a nail that went where it wasn't supposed to.
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I really wasn’t expecting to find anything new in a set of diagonal cutters but the Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Diagonal Cutting Pliers have features and design points that rally do make them different from the crowd. Cutting wire is a no brainer but being able to cut small nails and screws with the same tool is definitely new to this market.

The #6 and #8 bolt cutting capability can be especially handy. Because this is a bypass, shear type of cut the ends need very little work before use, if any. I cut several #6 and #8 electrical box bolts and all but one threaded into the boss without touch up. The remaining one had a tiny burr that I was able to knock off with a couple of swipes across the serrations on the outside of the jaws even though they aren’t designed to be a file. Incidentally those serrations also work well for cleaning up the inside edges of copper and steel pipe.

I was skeptical of the nail pulling claims and to be sure you won’t be pulling any framing nails or spikes with the Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Diagonal Cutting Pliers but more common sized finish and similar nails come out easily using the pivot area as a fulcrum. Another feature that you might not use all of the time but when needed the Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Diagonal Cutting Pliers just might eliminate having to go back to the toolbox or truck to get a pulling tool.


Video Tour

Milwaukee has done their homework when designing the Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Diagonal Cutting Pliers. They also did not forget their commitment to building durable tools. The Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Diagonal Cutting Pliers are easy to use and do everything Milwaukee claims with less effort than I anticipated. The fit and finish looks good and the operation of the jaws is very smooth with no tightness noticed through the full range of motion.

With street prices of just $21.99 (10-22-2011, all prices) for the 6” model, $24.99 for the 7” and $29.99 for the 8” pliers Milwaukee quality is not as expensive as I thought it might be. These prices are decent just for a good set of diagonal cutters. Considering the nail/staple pulling, bolt cutting and tube reaming the prices look even better yet. Plus we can go ahead and spread those costs over forever because that is how long Milwaukee guarantee runs! A true one time purchase!

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