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Newest Review -JET 15" Variable Speed Floor Model Drill Press

Top Ten Metalworking Tools by Year

Top Ten Metalworking Tools of 2011

Top Ten Metalworking Tools of 2010


Air-Powered Tools

KETT AN2000 Nibbler
Heavy-Duty, Versatile and Powerful - All at Once!


Bench Tools

BernzOmatic TS4000 Trigger-Start Torch
Compact, inexpensive thermal power for home-based and small shop needs

Bessey Magnetic Squares
"Self-Sticking" Helping Hands

Big Gator Tools Drill & Tap Guides
American-Made, Easy To Use Ingenuity from Big Gator Tools

GearWrench™ Double-X™ Extended Reach Pliers Set
Long reach despite small access

GearWrench QuadBox™ Ratcheting Box Wrenches
More Quality AND Sizes Packed Into Each Wrench

GearWrench Indexing Head Pry Bars

Gearwrench 114-piece Tap and Die Set
Quality and coverage for the busy home or pro shop

Heli-Coil Thread Repair Kits
Magic, easy to do AND economical

KD 40-piece Gearwrench Tap & Die Set
Threading tools for the pro or home shop

Johnson Electronic Level Inclinometer
Working easier with the magic of electronics

Sandflex Hand Blocks
Cheap, effective and easy to use


Books - DVD's

Learn to Weld – the Lincoln Way
Instructional DVD - Runtime 18-minutes



Loctite® Threadlockers
Preventing things from taking themselves apart

Lincoln Nozzle Gel
It's war on those little spatter bb's!

Spatter Reducing Sprays
From Hobart and Lincoln Welding



Bessey 2400S Series Welding Clamps
When toughness and dependability matter

Bessey Angle Clamps
Real 90-degree joints, multiple styles and different thickness pieces

Bessey Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps
Making an old idea a bunch better

Bessey ClassiX™ Standard & Heavy-Duty Pad Clamps
The economic way to non-standard quality

Bessey CDF/CHV Series C-Clamps
An old clamp modernized by high-tech steels and manufacturin

Bessey J Series Step-Over Clamps
Uncommon solution for common obstructions

Bessey® Lever Clamps
Tough but easy to operate

Bessey Metalworking C-Clamps
More solutions!

Bessey Multi-Angle Vise Set (WVS)
Making angled assembly easy – and repeatable

Bessey SuperGrip Clamps
One-handed locking, versatile jaw designs

Vise-Grip Locking Pliers & Clamps
An old favorite keeps on keeping on


Cordless Tools

Hitachi WH18DBDL 18V Lithium Ion Brushless Impact Driver
High-tech motor, controllable high performance

Milwaukee M12 FUEL™ HACKZALL® Reciprocating Saw Kit
A one-handed powered hacksaw for smaller jobs

Milwaukee M12 Cordless Sub-Compact Band Saw
One-handed band saw power and cordless to boot!

Milwaukee M12 Cordless 3/8" Ratchet Kit
Easy to use and Red Lithium Powered


Cutting (Metal)

Bessey Metal Snips
Handheld metal-cutting power and precision

KETT KD-200 Double-Cut Power Shear
Fast, smooth-cutting and industrial tough

Milwaukee Aviation Snips
Hand tools from one of the power dynasty's

Wiss® Metal Snips
They make cutting steel a low-stress event



Drill Press & Drilling Accessories

Drill Doctor 750X
Pro-level sharpening in your shop - when you need it!

JET 15" Variable Speed Floor Model Drill Press
Widely variable speed workhorse for your shop

Powermatic PM2800, 18" Variable Speed Drill Press
Power, versatility and productivity

Milwaukee 21-Piece Thunderbolt Drill Bit Set
Quality trumps cheap when you need tools that work



Angle Grinders

Bosch #1380 Slim 4-1/2" Angle Grinder
Smooth, dependable and Bosch through and through

Chicago (Harbor Freight) 4-1/2" Angle Grinder
When "cheap" relates to price, performance and quality equally

DeWalt DW818 4-1/2" Angle Grinder
When you don't want to spend all day grinding

Milwaukee 4-1/2" Small Angle Grinder
Power, durability and dependability the Milwaukee way

Rockwell 4-1/2" Angle Grinder
A decent tool for the home shop

Bench Grinders

JET 6” Shop Bench Grinder
Power and tough versatility for the small shop

JET 8" Bench Grinder with Pedestal Stand
Hefty, powerful and smooth running


Hand Tools

Allen® Wrench Sets
Designed for use, stored to be found

Allen Brand Hex Wrenches
Yes, there really is an "Allen" brand!

Crescent® Pliers
Yeah, those guys but with new tools

GearWrench PASS-THRU SAE/Metric Socket Set
Tough simplicity to make working easier

Milwaukee Pliers
New thinking, new features, same heavy-duty philosophy

Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Diagonal Cutting Pliers
Yes THAT Milwaukee and YES the tough is in these also


JET BD-920W, Belt Drive Bench Lathe with Stand
Tough, capable and accurate home/shop metal lathe

Measuring & Layout

Checkpoint Laser Levels and More
When torpedo-style levels move into the laser era

Checkpoint Professional Levels
Quality leveling tools for the job or home

iGaging Digital Measuring Instruments
Snap Depth Gauge & Fractional Digital Caliper

INCRA Guaranteed Squares
For when "close enough" isn't'

When only exact is "close enough"

Johnson Red Beam Industrial Magnetic Pulley/Sheave Alignment Laser
Using beams of light for super accuracy

Johnson Level's 230' Laser Distance Measure
(From our sister site, www.newwoodworker.com)

Johnson Three-Beam Magnetic Torpedo Laser Level
Magnetic, versatility and accuracy X3

Johnson Self-Leveling 2-Dot Laser Level
From our sister site - NewWoodworker.com

Johnson 6" Magnetic Billet Torpedo Level
Precision made for on-the-job accuracy

Johnson Magnetic Welder's Torpedo Level
This level can take the heat!

Johnson Level and Tool Rules
High-buck quality at surprisingly low prices

Johnson Glo-View® Magnetic Torpedo Level
One tool for metal, wood and either in the dark?

Johnson Magnetic Glo-View Box Level
A metalworking “stick-up” that’s really on the level

Johnson's Magnetic 25' Tape Measure
Tough, accurate and it stays where you put it!

Johnson Tool & Level Laser Distance Measure
From our sister site - NewWoodworker.com

The LaSquare
Once again bigger is better

Wixey Digital Angle Gauge
When your level is different from the rest of the world



Miller Metalworker Gloves
Yes, Spandex has arrived in the metal shop

Tillman Leather Welding Sleeves
A comfortable way to avoid pain and looking stupid



Band Saws

Masterforce 18-Volt Portable Band Saw
Hacksaw capability without the cord

Milwaukee Deep Cut Band Saw
Tough, versatile metal-cutting in a hand-held package

Milwaukee Compact Band Saw
Power, variable speed and no sore arms!

Cutoff Saws

Bosch 14" Benchtop Abrasive Cutoff Machine
A really big name for a really useful tool

Milwaukee Super SAWZALL® Reciprocating Saw
The best goes Super with market-leading features

Rockwell 14" Metal Cutoff Machine
Defeating metal economically



Bessey Industrial-Grade Shop Vises
A buy-it-once tough necessity

Bessey 4” Industrial Bench Vise
Durability, function and forever value

Bessey Metalworking Vises
Accuracy and safety cast in iron

Wilton Drill Press Vises
Serious vises for serious accuracy, durability and safety



Hobart Handler 125 EZ
Economical, capable and beginner-easy-to-use!

Hobart Stickmate® 205 AC
Dependable, "Dial it in" Flexibility and US Made!

Lincoln AC225 Stick Welder
Dependable, easy to use and laughs at thick metal

Lincoln Pro Mig 180
Versatile and user-friendly welding for home and shop!


Welding Accessories

Hobart XVS Hood Welding Helmet
Auto shade in 1/12,000th of a second!

Lincoln 2450 Viking Auto-Darkening Helmet
Light, feature-laden and big on vision

Tillman Leather Welding Sleeves
A comfortable way to avoid pain and looking stupid


Work Supports

Rockwell Jawhorse with Welding Clamp Accessory
Solid and versatile for the home or shop


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